Current data of the geomagnetic observatory:

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Information about the observatory “Alma-Ata”
Location: located at an altitude of 1300m above sea level, in the foothills of the Tien Shan, about 10 km from Almaty, geographical coordinates are [43,10ºN; 76.57ºE], geomagnetic coordinates of the observatory [34.3ºN; 152.7ºE].

Functions: continuous monitoring of the geomagnetic field.

Type of equipment used:

  • LEMI-008 fluxgate magnetometer, LEMI-203 portable one-component magnetometer,
  • POS-1 overhauser sensor.

This equipment complies with modern international standards. At the end of 2005, the Alma-Ata Geomagnetic Observatory received a quality certificate from the INTERMAGNET International Organization.

Observed quantities and their dimensions:

three components of the geomagnetic field vector: X (directed to the geographical north), Y (directed to the east, perpendicular to the X axis) and Z (directed upwards) dimension – nT; the amplitude of the vector field F is the dimension nT. Measurements are carried out in accordance with the Instruction and the INTERMAGNET standard.

Measurement frequency:

variational measurements of the XYZ-component of the geomagnetic field are made at a frequency of 1 s, measurements of F – at a frequency of 5 s, minute XYZF files are formed from second data (data are generated in real time), absolute measurements of the geomagnetic field are made two to three times a week.

Types of data channels:

real-time XYZF minute data are presented on the website of the Alma-Ata observatory and are transmitted daily in a standard format for mutual exchange to the INTERMAGNET World Data Center, in Edinburgh (England) via the Internet.

Access of other users to the received information:

The INTERMAGNET website presents minute data of the Earth’s magnetic field variations (XYZF-components) since 2004, access on request. Directly in the geomagnetic observatory “Alma-Ata” there are data on the state of the magnetic field, starting from 1964. to 2003 (hourly mean values of HDZF variations), since 2003 to present second and minute variation data XYZF, access on request. The website of the Institute of the Ionosphere ( presents minute and hourly XYZF data and k-indices of geomagnetic activity for the period since 2003. Currently, access is free.