Grant project IRN AP09259375

Project manager: Valentina Antonova, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Laboratory of Non-Stationary Processes in the Atmosphere and Ionosphere.

Name of the priority direction of science development: Information, telecommunication and space technologies

Project implementation period: 01/01/2021 – 12/31/2023, duration – 36 months.

Relevance: The interaction of dynamic processes occurring in different layers of the Earth’s atmosphere is one of the most important fundamental problems of the physics of near-Earth space. Numerous publications in recent years indicate that thunderstorm activity, as the main source of atmospheric electricity, is one of the main elements of the global electrical circuit through which solar activity, variations in solar wind parameters, interplanetary magnetic field, and galactic cosmic rays can influence atmospheric processes. However, the mechanisms of such influence are still being discussed. It has also been established that, in addition to cosmic factors, the atmosphere is influenced by physical processes occurring very close to the Earth’s surface; “transient light phenomena” and “terrestrial gamma-ray bursts”, the nature of which is possibly associated with manifestations of atmospheric electricity.